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You’ve finally bought an official Zeltiq CoolSculpting machine! You’re excited about all the possibilities this will bring to your business. But what are the most effective ways to market it to your existing clients? What are some ways to use this service to attract NEW clients?

Don’t panic – it’s easier than you think! Below, we cover the basics of how you can best promote this new service and how you can fit it into your overall marketing plan!

Leverage Your CoolSculpting Sales Rep

The first place to start is your sales rep. Request a short meeting with them that’s focused on marketing. Most business owners are focused on logistics and training and forget what a fantastic marketing resource the company can be.

Ask them for every educational resource they have, and plan to use them across all your marketing channels. Nobody knows the ins and outs of the product better than those who sell it.

They’ll alsoknow where and how many devices have been sold, the success rate of those businesses, and so much more. Make sure they know about your goals, and how other businesses with similar goals have achieved success.

You can also ask them to put you in contact with some of their more successful customers in other parts of the country. You can reach out and ask if they’d be willing to sharesome of their strategies.

Find Your Best Clients

Before you plan out your new marketing campaign, you need to identify your target clients. The good news is you already have a fantastic pool of potentials! You can use your existing client database to find the ones most likely to be interested in your newservice.

Remember that customers these days expect personalization. According to a recent Salesforce study, 52% of people say they expect offers to always be personalized.

Make them part of a targeted email campaign and give them a special “CoolSculpting preview” or an incentive to try it. Create excitement and urgency by offering a short window during which existing clients can “experience the benefits” first.

You’ll also want to do someresearch to determine the best group(s) to market to outside your existing clients. Do a deep dive to create the best buyer personas. Make sure your marketing plans include both kinds of campaigns (existing and potential clients).

Your Website is Key

A medical spa’s website should be the focal point of its overall marketing strategy. If you’ve built your website correctly, you’re already getting good traffic. Now it’s time to update your site to include this newservice in a way that complements your existing SEO strategy.

Start by creating a new page devoted to CoolSculpting. Writing a great page title is key for SEO and helps users and search engines understand the purpose of the page. When writing the page title for your CoolSculpting page, one way to boost your SEO is to useyour location. For example, “CoolSculpting Savannah”.

If you have a blog or newsletter, plan a whole content calendar leading up to the launch of your new treatment. You can use link building to help build up your credibility as a CoolSculpting provider.

Consider a promotion for a few employees or current clients to try the treatments before you launch your CoolSculpting campaign. Ask them for honest reviews and testimonials that you can add to your website and elsewhere.

Video is fantastic and always increases user engagement. Invest in a short demo video that uses real staff members who will be performing the treatments. This is a great way to help build trust and excitement.

Make sure you are in the official CoolSculpting company directory. People searching for CoolSculpting will be able to find you more easily.

Update Your Google Business Profile

Coordinate your website efforts with your Google Business Profile by making sure its up-to-date and accurate. Google’s algorithm rewards those that are filled in completely and have recent and high-quality information. You can add a bit of information about your new Coolsculpting offering under the “Question and Answer” section of your profile so users can see immediately that you now offer CoolSculpting.

You can also leverage another part of your Google Business Profile by making it easy for clients who try the treatment to leave a review. Even better, respond to as many reviews left as possible. This shows you are engaged, and the algorithm will reward you for your reviews and activity.

There’s also a section on your profile for “updates”. You can put in announcements about your exciting new Coolsculpting treatments.

Email & Social Media CoolSculpting Campaigns

Don’t underestimate the power of a CoolSculpting email campaign. With email, you have a unique chance to speak one-on-one with your existing or potential client. And, with a $42 return for every $1 spent, it’s still one of the most cost-effective ways to spend your marketing dollars.

Developing your email campaigns for existing and potential clients that are coordinated and cohesive with your social media efforts can yield fantastic results.

Consider the following questions before making your email and social content calendars. What time of the year is it? Is there a benefit to launching in a certain month? Is the beginning or end of the month better? What are your prices, and will you offer any special discounts for current or first-time customers? Will there be any package pricing or loyalty rewards tied in?
Which social media does your target audience use the most?

Make sure your emails and posts include links to all the new CoolSculpting information on your website, including blogs, videos, or anything else you think is helpful or relevant.


It can be challenging to add a new service to your medspa. Many factors, such as training your staff, setting up the right space in your spa, and updating your marketing plan may make you wonder if it’s worth it.

Rest assured, with the right additions to your marketing plan, you’ll pave the way for CoolSculpting to become a profitable addition to your business in no time!

Trish Saemann

Co-founder and CEO of GoBeyond SEO, a boutique digital marketing and branding firm. A seasoned marketing strategist in the luxury services and B2B space, she’s been cited in such publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

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