Are you ready to become more profitable?

We’ll show you how to make more money with your med spa.

What to Expect

Here’s What We’ll Cover On The Call...

Market Assessment

We’ll discuss your goals, the challenges you’ve faced, and a top level breakdown of your local competition. We will show you how much traffic and leads are available based on your specialties and region location(s).

Areas Of Opportunity

"Low hanging fruit" that you can attack right away to increase the average transaction size, diminish the number of empty appointment slots on your calendar and gain more market share in your region or city.

The Game

A ready to use strategy roadmap with everything you need to get more clients, improve client retention, increase brand awareness, and build your referral engine.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. We will not work with your direct competitors. If you have claimed your city/region, we are working with your practice only. However, we will work with adjacent businesses. If your practice offers laser hair removal services while another practice in the same city offers coolsculpting, we reserve the right to work with both. If your practice offers both, we’ll only work with you.

Yes. Once your assets are built and launched, you own everything. If you choose to move to another provider, we will transfer all assets wherever you need us to. The only stipulation is that your account must be current.

It depends. Our initial investment ranges between $3250 and $4950 depending on the size of your website, your needs and what needs to be audited. We’ll need 30 days to complete our assessment, prepare our findings and deliver your custom strategy. The assessment will include an audit of all assets, a competitive analysis, and your game plan. Once presented, it is your to keep forever.

No. If we do not meet your expectations, you end your contract. Billing is monthly and we require 30 days notice. We take our relationships very seriously are we tie our success to your success.

Our team is fully remote and have been even before COVID. Our company culture focuses on strong internal relationships and professional agility. We respect and support one another as people and the remote lifestyle works best for all of us. To that end, the company headquarters is in Charlotte, NC.