Hair Restoration Services Marketing

A highly targeted, cost-effective marketing strategy is the greatest tool to increase profitability and get more patients.  

As a Hair Restoration service provider, it’s crucial to target prospective patients at every stage of their decision-making process. Some patients seeking hair restoration services may not be a candidate for what you offer. It’s best to have a consult and determine if your practice can help them. A hair restoration marketing strategy can not only help establish credibility as a trusted resource but it can  also makes you the preferred choice for your ideal candidates. 

Hair Restoration practices with an eye for growth need more to take the four pillars outlined below and apply them to their practice processes and align them with their goals.


At MSM, we’ve curated a methodology design to hit the 4 key pillars that are foundational in the aesthetics industry.

Key Pillars of Hair Restoration Marketing:

Practice Brand Development

Your brand is one of the those things that is truly and uniquely yours and you want to make sure it resonates with your patient base and represents your core values. It separates you from your competitors, which can make all the difference. If your brand is well-established, there is no need to make changes. Sometimes, a brand refresh can be just the thing to breathe new life in your practice! Our branding process will include the following:

Patient Acquisition

Demand Generation and Lead Acquisition are fancy ways of describing the process by which you gain more visibility to potential patients. Depending on your practice’s unique lead generation and advertising needs, our battle-tested methodology will utilize several of the following tactics to reach more patients:

Patient Retention & Referrals

Ensuring that your patients keep coming back is one part great service (that’s you) and one part reminders and visibility (that’s us). Here are some of the tactics we’ll use to keep your patients coming back month after month, year after year.

Practice Web Design & Development

Your website is the face of your brand and your practice, but it needs to be more than just a pretty face. Optimizing your site for a simple user experience and easy conversions is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of your marketing plan. The organization of your content and website flow is an integral part of your successful marketing strategy.

Why The Med Spa Method™?

It's an important question to ask when looking for partner of any kind. Here are a few things to consider that separate our team and methodology from the others:

1. We Are Geographically Monogamous

We won’t work with your competitors within your region. Region is defined differently in each city, but we operate with our client’s best interests in mind. We won’t work with someone who is competing for the same market.

Handcuffs (1)


Everything we build is yours. We don’t lease or own anything we create for you. If you want to end your relationship with us, we don’t hold your collateral hostage.

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3. Guaranteed Results

We will double your leads in 90 days or we will refund your money. Demonstrate your current lead flow and we’ll double in 90 days.


4. No Long contracts

Though we always make recommendations and give projected timelines for outcomes, the choice is yours. If you need to part ways, we need 30 days notice.

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