Why The Med Spa Marketing Method?

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Effortlessly Exceptional

As we craft expert marketing strategies to grow your med spa, we will focus on delivering top-notch quality, expertise, and attention to detail. By offering you cutting-edge marketing services, we can ensure that your brand exudes refinement and excellence to your prospects and clients.

Exclusively Yours

When you choose to work with us, we’ll be dedicated solely to you and your med spa practice. We won't work with your competitors. This exclusive focus on your business is what will yield exceptional results, as we concentrate our efforts on your success.

Structured Elegance

Our Med Spa Marketing Method™ enables us to fulfill our promises while remaining flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Meticulous Design & Craftsmanship

The intricate details of your website are crucial to ensure an outstanding user experience. Navigating your site should be seamless and intuitive to your website visitors.

Concierge at Scale

Your dedicated account concierge ensures your requirements are met from start to finish. They will be by your side throughout every stage of the process.

"Trish and her team are amazing. They made my vision for my brand and my website come to life. They doubled my leads, saved me time and money and are so easy to work with. They actually care about me and my practice! I can't say enough about them.”
Adrienne Wei
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Introducing The Med Spa Method™

Serving an upscale clientele requires insight into how they perceive value. Our unique Med Spa Method™ merges essential digital marketing concepts and data-focused analytics with the strategy and expertise needed for high-level marketing.

The 5 M’s Framework

This foundational principle entails solidifying your company’s mission. As the mission is communicated throughout the organization, it directly enhances your business’s overall value, and it establishes certain norms:

  • the mindset of a prosperous med spa owner
  • company tenets communicated in staff training
  • standards for an excellent client experience

Understanding your market involves connecting with your ideal client to uncover their internal desires, fears, and values. By understanding their core decision-making process, you can effectively attract and retain the right clients. Our expertise lies in guiding med spas to truly comprehend their ideal customers’ needs and tailor their marketing approach for optimal results.

Laser-focused messaging is paramount for any marketing campaign’s success. Once we understand your market, we are able to craft persuasive copy that speaks powerfully to their needs and desires. This messaging should attract, educate, engage, and captivate her so that she feels confident in her decision to choose your services.

Once you’ve set your goals, identified your target market, and crafted your message, it’s time to choose the most effective channels for communication. Here, we consider whether social media, email, or SMS is best suited to reach your ideal client, depending on where they spend most of their time. Answering these questions will help us create the perfect marketing strategy for your med spa.

Generating consistent revenue is essential for a profitable med spa. The Med Spa Marketing Method™ helps you increase your practice’s profitability while maintaining top-notch service. Our approach encompasses:

  • Crafting a captivating and user-friendly brand experience
  • Employing precise demand generation techniques
  • Establishing all-encompassing cross-selling and client retention programs
  • Refining reputation and referral processes

Our monetization strategies support your business’s growth from within. We’ll help motivate your team, foster enduring relationships with suppliers, and expand your client base—which will help solidify client loyalty and keeping your competitors guessing.

Our Founder

Trish Saemann is the CEO and visionary behind Med Spa Marketing Method™ and its parent company, GoBeyond SEO. She is a certified Business Made Simple™ Coach and a respected marketing maven with over 14 years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing.

Trish and her team specialize in uncovering the unique narratives that define their clients and their brands. By exploring the motivations, objectives, and passions that drive the individuals behind each brand, she helps businesses clarify their messaging, reach the right prospects and communicate more effectively with their existing clients. With this very personalized approach, Trish and her team apply their digital marketing expertise to empower med spa businesses to authentically connect with their audience and achieve their goals.

Over the years, Trish has cultivated a team of seasoned designers, web developers, copywriters, content specialists, SEO experts, and pay-per-click masters whose collective experience spans many industries. Trish and her team have successfully executed countless digital marketing campaigns for businesses big and small. They maintain a laser focus on their clients’ bottom-line ROI and conversions, ensuring every campaign delivers meaningful connections and stellar results.

Outside of her professional achievements, she is passionate about giving back to her community. She has served in leadership roles for organizations such as NAWBO, Arrowood Business Association, Business Sorority, and she is a member of KNOW Women. Additionally, she has dedicated her time and energy to volunteering with multiple charities in her local community.

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