How to Get More Conversions through Convenience


Are you familiar with Entenmann’s cookies?

The chocolate-dipped donuts. The marbled or lemon pound cake. The chocolate chip cookies. Many people have childhood memories filled with Entenmann’s goodies, whether you had them at your house or a friend’s house.

What does this have to do with marketing? Quite a bit.

It’s a fact: Entenmann’s doesn’t sell the best cookies, donuts, or pound cakes.

They’re not the cheapest.

They’re not the healthiest.

So why are they still incredibly popular?

They’re products are always sitting in those little grocery store kiosks. The ones next to the produce, meat, or dairy sections so almost everyone shopping will see them. Begging to be picked up and taken home.

Convenience = Conversions

You may be thinking, “Hold on! I don’t sell cookies. My Med Spa provides services that are definitely NOT impulse buys”. 

That’s true. But, since your audience is definitely human they still value convenience.

So how can you make the purchase process more convenient and directly impact sales?

Communication, communication, communication! You want to make sure all marketing material includes:

1. Crystal clear and compelling benefits for your client.

This is what’s in it for them. What are the direct benefits you offer that they want? And how will you provide those benefits to them in the most convenient way? Make sure they’re in no doubt of the exact way your process works and make it easy for them to take the next step.

2. Crystal clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

This is why they should buy specifically from you. What is your unique promise to them that none of your other competitors can give them? What is that one thing that sets your Med Spa apart from the others? If you’re able to successfully communicate this in every part of your marketing material, you’ll create a pool of buyers ready to grab what you’re putting in front of them.

3. Crystal clear Call-to-Action (CTA).

The next step that should be done RIGHT NOW.

You can’t put your services on a food kiosk in a grocery store, but you CAN make the decision-making process simple and convenient for your client. Identify the benefits they’ll get, why you’re the best choice, and then make the next step as easy as grabbing a box of cookies off the kiosk.

How to Create a Landing Page That Will Convert

Using that clear communication in every piece of marketing is key. But when it comes to your landing pages and website, it’s even more important. If you want to boost your conversions from these sources, communicate clearly.

Tip #1: When possible, use human faces on your landing page, your blogs, and your social media posts. People respond to people, so encourage the connection. When people feel connected, they close faster.

Tip #2: If you sell a product, be sure to use photos of the actual product or people with the product to convert better.

Tip #3: When possible, support your claims with happy client testimonials. Social proof is a powerful elixir.

Here’s the best part: Offering up convenience makes it easier for you too. Decision making is labor intensive, and your clients are likely intimidated by the process. There are many different Med Spas and a ton of different treatments; your prospects will be grateful for the Med Spa that makes it simple and easy.

And those are the easiest prospects to close, and the best to work with!

Is your Med Spa conversion process all about you, or is it as convenient as possible for your clients? Get in touch with us at Med Spa Marketing Method to discover more about how you can boost your conversions with the right approach!

Trish Saemann

Co-founder and CEO of GoBeyond SEO, a boutique digital marketing and branding firm. A seasoned marketing strategist in the luxury services and B2B space, she’s been cited in such publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

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